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Friday, August 28, 2009

It's prize time :)

We have just had our first lot of prize draws and we had lots of fun with it all. We had a bucket with all the names and one with all the prize numers on them. I printed out 50 numbers thinking that would be tto much, but we ended up having 70 prizes. WOW!
Here are the winners from this round and a big thank you to all the prize donators.
Michel with her prize donated by Fran Timme, thanks Fran.
Jackie with her prizes donated by Terri http://www.stampsalive.blogspot.com/ Thanks Terri
Mel with her prizes donated by Fi, thanks Fi
Jackie (OMG that is a horrible pic LOL) with her prizes donated by Kristina http://www.yourmemorieshere.com/ Thaks Kristina
Michel and her prize donated by Teri, thanks Terri
A very excited Lorraine with her prizes from Mandy http://www.scrapp-go-lucky.com.au/ thanks Mandy
Nel with her prize donated by Fran Timme, Thanks Fran
Chris with her prize donated by jackie, thanks Jackie
Mel with her prize donated by Fran Timme, thanks Fran
Here is a better pic of the prize.


Anonymous said...

great prizes, congratulations to the winners


Jackie said...

everyone said thanks Cheryl.

PamInColorado said...

I am having so much fun following your blog. It looks like you girls are having a blast!! Congrats on all the great prizes!! And keep posting the pictures!! Hugs, Pam

Jackie said...

thanks Pam, we are are having lots of fun, just finished doing our 5 prize draws will post pics soon.