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Friday, June 19, 2009

Cricut cartridge font comparison sheets

Some of you know that there are font cartridges in the Cricut range of cartridges, but did you know that there are other cartridges that have font sets on them. There are shape, licensed and Class Mate cartridges and some of these cartridges also have font sets on them.
I went through all my 82 cartridges and came up with 153 different styles of font sets that I have at my disposal. WOW that is a lot to choose from, but how do I know what styles I have and how the different fonts compare size wise.
I came up with the idea to cut out the letter J, my first initial from each of the font sets, what was I thinking. This job took me 2 days to complete. First to find the cartridges which have font sets, get out the cartridges and keyboard overlays. Decide on the paper, I went for an A4 plain green card, load the mat and cut away. Then add adhesive and stick on to plain white sheets and place in my folder.
Here is the end result. Hope you find them useful.

Here is the link for the files for you do download a copy for your own references. You will have to copy and paste the link. :)

Font cartridges

Shape cartridges

Licensed cartridges

Class Mate cartridges


Kristina said...

OMG! I only own like 4 font cartridges! I can't imagine taking the time to do all that.

Jackie said...

Yes it took quite a while to do, two days in fact. LOL