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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Craft Room Sneak Peek #3

Here are the storage unit I have chosen for my all papers, I have two of these. Yes I have way too much paper. Did I just say that out loud LOL.
They are from http://www.bestscrapbookshelf.com/?action=view_catalog&Join_ID=106418 (Us distributor) I got mine from the Australian distributor, http://scrapbooking.arnolds.net.au/catalog/index.php?cPath=193&osCsid=88akoc4ok8egv7tgbs400555p6 They have great service and Karen is a great person to deal with.
I will have my two units set up to hold all my papers, but there are drawers available in 1", 2" and 3.5" depths. Which you can also add the drawer inserts, great for all those small embellishments and the like.

Close up

Guess how many of these little suckers I need to use in the the two units, 696 of them and they just don't slip in, no! I need to gently persuade them in with the hammer :)

I finally got the second unit together. I might have to start filling it up SOON :) As always Mutley had to get in the picture. But isn't she cute, yes Mutley is a girl, with a boys name.


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BrandiLynn-uh-ohmommys*addicted said...

wow thats a great storage

you have been tagged see my blog for details

Saige/Grace said...

I love your storage!! I am sooo jealous!!

Take care (& thanks for sharing -- you're on my CDS link list!)

--Gracie at everythingcricut.blogspot.com