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Sunday, July 20, 2008

New embroidery machine for me :)

Well after a hard think about it, OK one days think. I decided to invest in a new embroidery machine. Had to work a bit on Hubby to convince him that I really needed it. It should be here on Thurday.
It is a Janome MB-4, 4 needle embroidery machine, so no more changing the thread after every colour, and faster embroidery time, which means I can do more covers, yay.
It is very similar to the industrial Tajima machines we use at the embroidery shop I work for.

It has lots features, you know all the bells and whistles. The big seller was the $4000 worth of bonus goodies that came with it. A design software suite, and image design disc, chock full of designs and lots more.
I will be able to plug my laptop into it and transfer designs straight from the laptop. Although the machine weighs 20+ kilos, I will be able to take it to craft fairs and do while you wait embroidery.


okie_ladybug said...

That does it Lady J! I am gonna become an Aussie so I can move in with you and use your embroidery machine!!

Jackie said...

Come on over you are more than welcome, and guess where it is, in my craft room. So we can scrap and embroider at the same time :)

Irene said...

Wowsers Jackie! Looks fantastic.