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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I think I just wore out the Credit Card ;)

I just went on a little online shopping spree and it was fun. Now I just have to wait till my goodies start arriving. Some are available for shipping now some are on pre order.
Here is what I got. Lots of Cricut Cartridges
Daisy Chain
Wild Card
Sesame Street Friends
Sesame Street Font
Sans Serif
Hello Kitty: Greetings
Hello Kitty: Font
Graphically Speaking
Disney/Pixar Cars
Disney Tinker Bell & Friends
Calligraphers Collection

Lots of embossing folders
Embossing kit
Deep blade house and spare blade.

Watch this space for some of my new creations ;)


Tina said...

WOOHOO! Way to go, Jackie! I can't wait to see what you make with all of your new goodies. I know you are anxious now because some were pre-orders!

Jackie said...

thanks Tina, yes very excited and can't wait for them to arrive. Some will be shipped now and the rest are pre ordered and will be sent Sept/Oct. But as it is said "things come to those that wait"

Glenda said...

Wow Jackie, good shopping girlfriend!!! Where did u pre-order from?? (I'm still shopping around for some of my pre-orders!!) And why don't I see a Jukebox in there?? I bought 1 & now I need another 1--I just luv it!! LOL!! It's so great not to muck around constantly w/the carts in & out, plus I think it's safer 4 the carts I use a lot,not putting pressure on their pins inside, etc!!!
Next question, just how many deep cutting blades did u order(I remember u talking B-4 abt needing a "truckload" of them-LOL!!) & also, how many of the blank embossing folders??? Well, at least u'll have LOTS of room 4 all ur new goodies in ur new craft room!!!Enjoy--YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Tina said...

Ok you have been so busy with getting moved back in and I can't wait to see it. I was thinking about you when I was tagged so I tagged you!

Saige/Grace said...

Wowsa!! You're living the dream!! Please let me know how you like them, I'm always interested to know which cartridges end up selling the best.

And thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful blog!

--Gracie at everythingcricut.blogspot.com

michelle said...

wow jackie !! thats some serious shopping girl !! but enjoy each and everyone one of them !!

ScrappinMaMa said...

wow, that's a lot of cartridges! Have fun!