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Friday, August 15, 2008

6 months since the floods, how time flies when........

you are living in your garage. Yep we are still living in "CLUB GARAGE" and it is getting to me, maybe it's just that time of the month, who knows.
The only saving grace I have is that I am able to get into my craft room and set it up as that room is finished with as far as the work being done to the house.
It is winter here and although we living in the tropics it is a very cold winter for here and my body is feeling every degree of the cold.
We were told when we moved into the garage on April 13Th that we would be back in the house in 8 -12 weeks. Then two weeks ago we were told we would be in the house in two weeks. We have only seen one worker in the last two weeks and it is really depressing me to come back home after work or going to the shops. I see that no work has been done to the house and all we want is to be back in there. It's like having a pot of gold sitting there just out of reach and not being able to get a hold of it.
With a bit of luck we will be back in the house by September, we were told that we would 100% be in by September, NO WORRIES, but I have my doubts.
Trying to look on the bright side is hard sometimes, especially when it is so darn cold. Jackie :)


michelle said...

Oh jackie, sorry to hear you are still not back in your home !! how frustrating for you !! just think how new and nice it will be when you do get in there !! i hope your worries soon come to an end my friend !! huge hugs

michelle x

amanda138a said...

Jackie, I cannot imagine what it is like to struggle like this, and i am sure it would get you down, a lot! I bet people keep telling you, oh it could have been worse, but to youit couldn't, i hate workmen that lie to me, i would much rather they say ok honestly it is going to take x amount rather than string you along! Do you have some kind of consumer champion who could intervene on your behalf? we have one in my local paper (but given i am in scotland not much use) either that or sit down with the boss, and lay it down how long, whats to be done, and a truthful end date
i am thinking of you


Saige/Grace said...


So sorry to hear you're not back in your home. I had my basement flood once, but it's nothing like what you're going through. I'll be thinking of you. Also want you to know I love your crafting creations, your blog...I think you're just terrific!

Take care,

Gracie at EverythingCricut.blogspot.com